Tana Umaga supports Contact Energy’s Health and Safety efforts 

Contact Energy - Tana UmagaAll Black great Tana Umaga has slipped on a pair of hi-vis overalls, steel cap boots, and a hard hat to take a safety message to Contact Energy employees and contractors across New Zealand.

While having an improving safety record, Contact wanted to alter the tone of its messages to its people and reinvigorate the focus on safety at the company. Tana was recruited to be the face of a campaign called „Stay Safe Mate‟ because he was well known to our team and had the mana that a safety spokesperson needs to be taken seriously said Contact CEO Dennis Barnes.

“Health and Safety is our number one priority at Contact, as a team we aspire to zero harm. Stay Safe Mate is about getting our people to take personal responsibility, think ahead, have safety conversations with others and look out for their mates to ensure everyone goes home safely to their friends and family at the end of each working day.

“The campaign kicked off with Tana making visits to a number of our sites to film a personal safety message which has been shown to all employees and contractors. The messages he delivered in that video were well received and are already having the desired effect. Tana‟s message is reinforced through billboards, banners and posters at all Contact sites.

“Contact has a real variety of sites and team members across New Zealand. Each of our power stations, LPG delivery branches, call centres and offices is unique. Different work environments have different hazards and we needed to make sure that Tana‟s messages were just as applicable and impactful to the people answering the phones as they are to the people operating our power stations or delivering LPG cylinders.

“We want to get safety messages across but in a way they‟ll be noticed, taken seriously and acknowledged. We have avoided heavy handed corporate safety language from the top and made sure the message gets across, but in relevant, everyday language. „Support play wins the day, speak up if you think someone needs help‟ and „Mate, your best safety gears are between your ears‟ are two examples of the messages used in the campaign.

”The campaign launched earlier in August and it‟s been really well received, we‟re really pleased at how people respond so positively to Tana and his messages”, said Dennis Barnes.